The title of Microgaming's scratch card game is Dawn of the Bread. But it's less reminiscent of "Time to make the donuts" and more "funky gruesome bakery run by a zombie" – an homage to Dawn of the Dead, the classic horror film of 1978 by George Romero. But this version, done in a Saturday morning cartoon style, won't scare you in the least.

As is the standard configuration with scratch card games, there is a three-by-three grid with nine panels to scratch, and on the left are the possible symbols you will find and their multiplier totals.

A googly-eyed zombie baker presides over the burning oven. The panel symbols you'll scratch to reveal are gooey muffins with something suspicious leaking out of them. The multiplier symbols, which you need to match three of, include: Creepy green bug = 2x, Creepy green worm = 5x, Red-eyed rat = 10x, Shockingly clean dentures = 100x, Still-beating heart = 2,500x, and Eyeball = 10,000x.

The player's dashboard below shows your stake for the current game, a New Card button once you have played a round, and how much you've won. There is an option to scratch each panel or reveal all at once; each round reveals all panels at the same time, with a small scratching animation. So if you like the kind of control that comes with mousing or swiping, you might want to skip this one.

Dawn of the Bread is not for everyone; some players would enjoy bunnies or football rather than horror, no matter how cartoonish. But if you have that sly sense of humor, and the desire to possibly win big bucks, then Dawn of the Bread may just be your new favorite scratch card game.

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