Don your Indiana Jones hat, grab your gear, and click on the New Game button. You are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime with Crypt Crusade Gold, brought to you by the designers and developers at Microgaming.

And there is good news for new players and timid punters, too. Because even if it is your first time playing, you will get the hang of this instant win experience, which is perfect for all skill levels.

Whether you choose the Turbo button or just want to play at your own speed, Crypt Crusade Gold operates less like an online scratch card and more like a board game – but the stakes are high, and the action is real.

As the explorer character, you will be following a trail that leads to a treasure chest filled with gold. Stop at a multiplier to enlarge your treasure, but don't step on a trap. Your turn will be over and it's back to the beginning for you.

Land on the Golden Compass symbol to warp directly to the Jackpot. With the white Continue space, you can have another turn as long as you still have spins. The Jump space, with the arrow, lets you skip ahead to the next matching space. The Danger space has the skull and cross-bones, and you'll want to watch out because they are traps that can end the round. If you land on the Jackpot space, you can win one of ten jackpot amounts.

Bet amounts range from 50 cents to 10 bucks, and depending on how you play your jackpot can be big. The dashboard lets you know the number of spins, your stake and your current winning tally, so you can follow along easily without constant calculations. You need to make the right 47 moves to snatch your Crypt Crusade Gold.

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