Crypt Crusade, from the crew at Microgaming, is here to challenge you with a lotto board game where you can win big and put your treasures in the bank. Your goal is to get to the center of the crypt. As you get closer, you'll start winning. Arrive at the end and win 25,000x your bet.

To play Crypt Crusade, you have to move your player “piece” by spinning the wheel. You will then move one to six spaces forward. If you land on a safe space, you can spin again. If you land on a trap, you'll have to start over. You get a total of eight spins to move to the final crypt.

But it's not as easy as it sounds. Along the way are several holes that will send you right back to the start. Danger lurks around every corner – but so does your chance to win. Don't worry, though; you can practice the game for free until you get a sense of what you need to do. Then set it up for real to start your crusade and win big.

You can bet anywhere from .50 credits up to 10 credits. What you win is based on what you bet. You also have the chance to alter the speed of game play. So you can be relaxed – or start turbo-charging your moves. It's all up to you and the way you want to play.

It's a great break from traditional slot machine games, and offers hours of potential fun. Spin the wheel and win to see if you can arrive at the inner sanctum on your Crypt Crusade.

So, sit down, get ready and start your crusade. You'll never know how much you can win until you try. Get started now and see where your crusade ends.

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