Crown and Anchor is a video dice game based on an old dice game that UK sailors in the Royal Navy would play to pass the time while on the high seas. Crown and Anchor has been around for three hundred years – and now, thanks to technology, you can play it anywhere, anytime, on any computer or internet-enabled device.

This is a genuinely unique experience in the pantheon of online non-slot games. And luckily, it's not that hard to get the hang of – but if you want to practice first, we welcome you to play it for free in our demo mode until you understand how it works.

Speaking of which, let's get to the main points. The game is played with three six-sided dice. On each die are a crown and an anchor, plus the four suits from a pack of playing cards, spade, heart, diamond, and clubs. For this version of the game, the dice are rolled on a barrel on the right side of the screen.

Players bet on what will come up on the dice. You do this by simply clicking on the corresponding symbol on the board, located on the left of the screen. You place markers on each symbol you choose, and your wager in the form of chips goes on the side of the grid.

If your bet comes up on one die, it will pay out as 1:1. On two dice, it will pay out 2:1 and on all three dice, 3:1. The minimum bet is one credit. The maximum bet is 500 credits. So there is plenty of room for all kinds of players to stake their bets. Autoplay options are available, and you also get to see the history of the winning symbols.

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