Bunny Boiler Gold is a 3D experience that is unique in the world of online gaming. In fact, it is almost like a board game. That's because there are no reels, and no "scratching" for the player to do.

Instead, you roll a die to determine how many hops your bunny makes through his rabbit hole. He hippity-hops one space for each die number, and moves his ears, blinks and waves while waiting for the next round. The trail is light, kind of hilariously, by multi-colored Christmas lights, and each prize space that the bunny passes glows so it is easy to see your progress.

Along the way he encounters carrots, gold coins, and other symbols, including jump-passes, on his way to the jackpot. And what a jackpot it is. Players get the chance to win 5,000x their bet – a tempting prize that will keep you moving your bunny along his trail. And the last passed prize wins.

Even if you play it for free as opposed to playing for money, Bunny Boiler Gold is a name that you will add to your favorites in no time. It is easy enough to learn, and it is certainly a fun twist on the normal gambling experiences that players find online. Chances are, you will seek out more unique experiences as well before going back to the every-day slots and scratch cards.

Those of you who remember the movie "Fatal Attraction" surely will get a laugh out of the name of this game. But not to worry, Glenn Close will not pop out and scare you. Instead, it is a fun romp through the rabbit hole, collecting prizes along the way. We hope you'll win big.

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