Whether you are looking for free scratch games online or want to play with real money, Microgaming's Bowled Over is a winner with every player. But before you grab your bowling shoes and head to the lanes to try your luck with this scratch card, it should be noted that the sport of bowling is not the inspiration for this scratch card game. It's cricket!

"Bowling," which is a term used in cricket, is the action that's similar to pitching in baseball. The difference is in the motion of the bowler's arm, which according to the rules is not permitted to extend in the same way that a baseball pitcher's does. Bowling an "over" means that the bowler bowls six balls in a row.

But enough about cricket - let's get back to trying your luck with the Bowled Over scratch card!

There are two plays per round in Bowled Over. On the left side of the screen, the player has to match three pictures of cricket players, which are rendered in a quirky cartoon style. On the right side of the screen is where the "bowling" part of playing cricket comes into play. In this section, the player has to hit the wicket and get the ball through the wooden frame. (A wicket is an object that the batsman; it looks like a small wooden gate.)

You can change stakes, reveal all for faster action, and view your payout. Bowled Over is a fun way to try your luck with this fun sport that opens up a whole new world.

But make sure to take breaks – the longest cricket game in history lasted an insane 14 days in 1939. The only reason why the match was called is because the away team's ship was due to leave. Hopefully you won't miss any appointments, though.

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