Fans of scratch cards as well as bingo will enjoy the exciting action of Bingo Bonanza, a popular title in the Microgaming portfolio. There is little to no learning curve, and the chance for big wins drives players wild.

The main animation of Bingo Bonanza is an enormous spinning wheel holding the bingo balls, which drop one by one into the rack. But unlike with traditional bingo, the balls do not have regular numbers from one to whatever. Instead, each ball shows a multiplier: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 40x, 250x, 5000x, 20000x.

Yep, that means you can win $20,000 USD off a one-dollar minimum bet. As each ball lands, a "dabber" pen marks it off on the player's bingo card on the left. (As anyone who has played bingo with their grandmom in a church basement, a dabber pen is a thick marker that marks a bingo card with a perfectly round dot.) The player has to match two balls to win.

Other graphics include the Bingo Bonanza in the upper left-hand logo, and on the lower right is the player's dashboard, which has your stake, your win, and a big, gold PLAY button. The sounds are unobtrusive enough to keep on while playing, or you can mute it if you're watching TV or listening to music. Also, make sure to mind the volume when playing in public.

Bingo Bonanza is a simple game to get the hang of. There is little to no learning curve. So it is decent entertainment for newbie players, and an interesting twist on the usual slots/scratch cards/bingo action for players who have been playing online games for a while.

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