Every day is Oktoberfest with Beerfest, a fun scratch card game from the developers at Microgaming. There are three types of games to play, but unlike most scratch cards, the player doesn't scratch all three. You have to choose which one you want to play.

Game 1: Table Dancing

In the opening screen, the player is greeted by the affable host in lederhosen. He offers you a selection of four picnic-style tables, as is the customary seating in the beer halls of Germany.

But the seating is not for you. It's for your host, Fritz, for him to dance on. If he finishes his dance, you win a multiplier of 5x. It sounds easier than it is – it seems Fritz has had a bit too much to drink, and he's a heavy lad. The table may break under his weight and send him crashing to the floor. 

Game 2: Beers All Around

Here, Fritz is joined by a friend and a comely blonde waitress with a beer tap in each hand for refills. They are served one huge stein of beer after another, and the object is to pick who will be the winning drinker. The losing drinker turns green and passes out; the winning choice will win 500x.

Game 3: Match the Munchies

A table is set with three covered plates. A red-headed waitress holds a similar plate. You have to match the waitress's dish to one on the table. There's a hearty stew, pretzels, cheese, and what appears to be herring. If you win, it's a 1x multiplier.

The action is set against a backdrop of a beer hall tent adorned with carnival lights. The animations are fun, and the dashboard is designed as a set of beer taps. Instructions come up when needed, making the gameplay easy and intuitive.

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