Battleship at Stakers Online Casino

Battleship is a super-fun online scratch off from Gamevy that will have you saying, “I sunk your battleship!”

You command an air fortress, and the opponent has several battleships in the water. The goal is to use airplanes to sink their ships. You have to completely sink a ship to win – just damaging it is not enough.

The screen for gameplay shows what sinking each ship is worth. Then, let your airplanes fly. Launch them either one at a time, or let the entire air fleet take off at once. The choice is yours.

Punters can buy several types of tickets. They come in .10 credits, .50 credits, 1 credit, 2 credits, 5 credits, 10 credits and 20 credits. The amount you bet on each ticket determines the amount of the payout. Bet more to win more. The maximum amount you can win is 20,000 credits.

The design of Battleship is beautiful. You'll really feel like an air force captain, trying to lay out just the right strategy. When a ship is sunk, you'll see it go down and cheer on the troops!

It's all up to you. All that's needed is to trust your feelings and spend your bankroll the way you want to.

Playing isn't hard at all – but it sure is fun. Taking out the battleship is where it's at, and you are in full command.

Gamevy has put together one of the most exciting virtual scratch-off games on the market. It's exciting. It's fun. It gives players real chances to win. What you have to do is decide if you have what it takes. If so, get ready to sink some ships when you try it out today.

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