Virtual Sports

1. A virtual Betting Event takes place every configurable number of minutes. Results on virtual sports Betting shall be determined by advanced artificial intelligence with no human involvement and are in no way influences by Bets placed by Players.

2. Players need to specify the Draw Number or Event Number they would like to place a Bet on.

3. Bets on an Event are accepted until the "Bets closed" message appears on the screen or until 15 seconds before the Event starts, after which the Player will need to place a Bet on a different Event. Winnings can be collected once the result of an Event is displayed on the results screen.

4. You can place combination Bets on these events which return a multiple of the odds that are displayed.

5. A Player who places any Bet on these events takes sole responsibility for his actions in placing a Bet and for checking his ticket to ensure it is correctly reflects his chosen Bet, and will not hold Stakers liable in for any loss or damage suffered. Stakers will also not be liable for any system malfunction that may result in the nullification, cancellation or refund of a Bet at any time.

6. No participants are scratched from virtual races.

7. There are no dead heats (position draws) in virtual races.

8. Bet types that are offered by the operator may be altered from time to time.

9. System Combination Bets

  1. Double: This is a single Bet comprising two selections from different events. Both selections must win for the Bet to pay a return. This may be a combination of a win Bet on a horse and a Bet for a football team to win, for example.
  2. Treble: This is a single Bet comprising three selections from different events. All three selections must win for the Bet to pay a return.
  3. Perm 4 Fold: Also known as a 4 fold accumulator, this is a single Bet with four or more selections from 4 different events. You must pick the winner of each of the 4 events for Your Bet to win.

10. The results of these virtual events are determined on an independent server that is not accessible to Stakers. The results are generated by a system that has been independently certified to be fair according to a reputable certification authority.