Financial Betting stands for betting on whether the asset's price will rise or fall within a certain period of time.

Financial bets are placed on the following types of assets:
Currency pairs
Raw material
Pairs of assets
Crypto currencies and others

In case of a correct forecast, a trader receives their winnings, which equates to a certain percent of the amount invested. If the forecast is wrong, then the whole bet loses. If the price of the asset at the time of option expiration remains the same as it was at the moment of placing a bet, then a total bet amount is refunded. 

The minimum bet amount is €1 EUR or currency equivalent.
A trader should determine the direction in which the price of the selected asset will move. 
When buying a "Call" option, you are betting that the price of an asset at the time of option expiration will be bigger than its price at the moment of purchase, which means the growth in exchange rate.
When buying a "Put" option, you are betting that the price of an asset at the time of expiration will be lower than its price at the moment of purchase, which means fall in exchange rate.
The number of options you can buy before the time of purchase is unlimited. 

Two lines are shown on a diagram. A white punctured line displays the time of purchase. After this line is crossed, it is impossible to purchase an option for the selected expiration time. The red solid line shows the expiration time. When the red line is crossed, the transaction is automatically closed and the bet is settled in accordance with its result.  A trader may select any of the offered expiration time periods. 

Depending on their expiration time, financial bets are be divided as follows:
TURBO (Expiration time: up to 5 minutes)
BINARY (Expiration time: more than 5 minutes)

You can sell options before the expiry time. By doing this, the trader locks their profit or loss for the current moment, without waiting for transaction completion after expiration of the option time.
For example, selling an option early can be used, when there is no certainty that a transaction will bring profit. Therefore, this selling system allows to minimize losses on questionable options.
Please note that selling an option becomes unavailable 30 seconds prior to time expiration for TURBO options and 2,5 minutes prior to expiration time for BINARY options. 

A tournament stands for a competition among traders, in which anybody can take part, having paid a certain amount for the participation. Each participant gets a tournament account with an equal amount on it. You are allowed to trade any asset you wish and invest the whole amount available on your tournament account.
The prize fund is divided between the most successful participants.