Fantasy Match

1. The Fantasy Match is a type of Bet where player picks 2 virtual teams made up from players (teams) participating in real matches and place Bets on the outcome of these virtual teams competing. Bets are settled based on the total points won by all of the players (teams) in their real matches.

2. Virtual teams can be created in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Opponents in a real match cannot be on the same team;
  2. A player can be included in one virtual team only;
  3. Each player can be picked for a virtual team only once;
  4. Each virtual team can consist of 2 to 5 players participating in real matches and the teams can consist of different numbers of players;
  5. Virtual teams can include players from Doubles matches (for the Tennis Bet Constructor).

3. In order to determine the results for the offered markets the following is added up:

  1. For football competitions – the number of goals scored by each participant of a virtual team in a real match.
  2. For tennis competitions - number of sets won by each participant of a virtual team in a real match.

4. Bets on the following markets are accepted:

  1. Match result
  2. Match result with handicap
  3. Match total

5. Only single Bets are available in the Fantasy Match.

6. Bet settlement is carried out after all real matches (from which the virtual teams’ members are drawn) are finished.

7. If a real match, a participant of which was selected to be a member of a virtual team, is considered interrupted or cancelled in accordance with Stakers Rules, then all Bets on the competition Between the virtual teams are voided excluding those instances when the markets’ results are already determined.