Smart Contracts

What are Blockchain-powered smart contracts by STAKERS?

Stay sure with your odds and transactions at all times by trying out our brand new Etherium-based security system. All bets can be now verified by means of self-enforced “smart contracts” – small computer protocols, signed between you and STAKERS and digitally sealed with the computed hash.

The technology simply runs, records and compares encrypted bits of information stored on anonymous computers, unified into a single Ethereum network. This information is instantly synchronized on all the machines, making it impossible neither to erase nor to amend it, guaranteeing the users with both the odds and payouts.

How it works on STAKERS?

  1. The “Smart Contract” option has to be selected in the bet slip before the bet is placed and the smart contract address will become instantly available after the bet is confirmed.
  2. The bet is now secured with the smart contract and the contract address can be found in the bet details of the player’s account.

STAKERS’ smart contracts are completely transparent providing fair environment for all the players. No third parties are involved as a smart contract is self-executed with cryptographic code, accessible with no downtime in the user account. All the processes are multiply validated thus increasing both precision and speed. Blockchain technology also protects the whole transaction data stored, eliminating possibility of unauthorized third-party involvement.

STAKERS is the first in the gambling industry to implement smart contract improving the whole betting process and providing their players with a topmost level of security.