Regular Time of the Match
Regular time of the match stands for 4 quarters of 12 minutes or 4 quarters of 10 minutes or 2 halves of 20 minutes, depending on the Rules and Regulations of a specific tournament.

Extra Time Periods
Bets are accepted for regular time including possible overtime, unless a different game period is specified in the name of a market. If an overtime is assigned on the basis of a combined result of 2 matches, then its result will only count for settlement of bets on qualifying for next round of competitions, the winner of a tournament, etc.

Interrupted Matches
If a match hasn't been continued within 24 hours, then all bets for this match will be void.

Settlement of Markets

In the event the game finishes in a draw and overtime isn’t played, all bets placed on the "To Win (Incl. Overtime)" and "Will be overtime" markets will be voided. Should there be any overtime, markets will be settled in accordance with the match results.