With a unique spinning function and insanely generous free spins, there is a good chance you will be riding the wild rails again and again

At Stakers we are all about the players. We know that some like the big challenges of high variance games, while others just like to play low variance games for hours. And then there are those in the middle who like the chance to win big, but don't want to lose too much. 

This is why every week, we at Stakers tell you what it's really like to play a particular slot, so you can make up your own mind on whether or not it's worth it for you to play. 

This week, we decided to review Wild Rails. As always, we played it for two hours, betting one credit per spin. Here's what we found out. 

First off, the game is set up with five reels and four rows. So you get an extra row to try to win on. It takes place on four train lines, and the symbols are playing cards and various passengers on the train. 

Now, what makes it different from most slots is that the reels spin left to right instead of up and down - in other words, the trains on the tracks move in a certain direction. This gives the game a nice new flair. We wonder why other companies don't try this! 

The other big difference is the wilds. They don't appear randomly. Instead, every few spins one train line (meaning, one whole row) is labeled as a wild one. It will spin for longer than the other reels, and at the end it gives you at least two and perhaps as many as five wild cards. And more than one reel can become a wild reel, too. Once we had three entire reels become wild – which led to a decent win. 

In fact, all of the wins on the regular spins were decent. And it didn't take that long to land them. This would allow a player to spin the reels for a while, even with a limited bankroll. 

That's good, because the free spin feature is surprisingly rare, in our experience. We were playing for well over an hour before we hit it the first time. It happens when you get three train scatters on the reels.

Then you are awarded five free spins – and with each free spin, at least one of the left-to-right rows is wild. This offers a decent chance at a win. And every three wins in the free spin mode delivers extra spins as well. Overall, the two times we landed the free spins mode we earned excellent payouts. It's just a shame they don't happen that often.

This is what has us label Wild Rails a medium to high variance game. You can come upon really good payouts, but you'll have to wait for them. On the other hand, the regular payouts will keep most people playing.

While we don't recommend Wild Rails for people who like low variance games, for those who like a little extra risk and the chance of really good rewards, Wild Rails is the game to suggest.

Overall, we give it 4.5 out of five stars. We can't give it a full five stars because the free spin feature is so hard to activate. The game might have been better if the rewards for free spins were a little bit lower, but they happened more often.

But that's a minor quibble. This is a solid new game. And the left-to-right spinning feature is a nice new touch. We really don't have that many complaints about the game and will probably play it again.

You are at the Mercy of the Gods in this Egyptian-themed slot game that has walking wilds and a fantastic free spin round

Once a week at Stakers, we take one of our new slot machine games and review it for you – because we know that different punters like different types of games. Some want all the bells and whistles. Some like classic or more traditional games. Some like high variance, while others like lower risk and are willing to accept a lower probable payout. We like all of our players and want to give them the chance to find the slot that is right for them.

This week we decided to take a look at Mercy of the Gods. It's one of the more recent releases from Net Entertainment. Since they always seem to have interesting games, we decided to give it a whirl. We played for one credit per spin for two hours.

The game starts out with a five reels and three rows. The lower-payout symbols are face cards, while the higher-paying symbols are based on various Egyptian icons. Like with nearly any other game, if you get three in a row you will earn a win.

There is a wild card, however. When you land the wild not only will it substitute for anything you need for a win, but it will also move down the reels over the next few spins. This gives you a maximum of four spins with a wild card – not too shabby!

There are also three jackpots on the top of the screen – Minor, Mega, and Major. If you get the right bonus icons, you will win one of these jackpots. We did not land enough bonus icons, but the value of the jackpots ranged from 200 credits for the Minor to 10,020 for the Mega.

As for the scatter, you will need at least three to be awarded five free spins. That doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot better than you think! Every time you get a wild, it will expand and take over the entire reel. Then you'll have three additional free spins to play while the wild moves down the reel.

For our time playing, we wound up earning over 20 total free spins. The best part of it was that when it was done, we had won 1,338 credits. That's the kind of results we know that punters are looking for!

We found this game to be very high variance. The wins didn't come in often, and on the main game they were not great when they came in. That said, after an hour of playing we got to the free spins round, and then our winnings were huge. So if you want to play this game, be prepared to invest some serious bankroll in it before you score your awesome payback.

That's great for fans of high variance games. The risk and the eventual reward are all part of why you play! For people who prefer lower variance games, this one is probably not right for you.

We give Mercy of the Gods a total of 3.5 out of five stars. We subtract a point and a half because the symbols themselves are not particularly interesting, and the wilds on the main game are few and far between.

That shouldn't be enough to keep players of high variance games away. It is fun to play and when you get to the free spins round it becomes amazing.

So know what you are getting into when you play Mercy of the Gods and you'll have a great time. Just be sure to come in with a high bankroll and a fair amount of time on your hands.

A truly unique game where nothing happens - until everything happens all at once, and you're a huge winner. Open the Tome of Madness if you dare!

Every week, we at Stakers take some time to review one of our new games. We like doing it because it gives our punters a chance to get to know if they'll like a game before they play it. This week we decided to look at Tome of Madness. We chose it because the way it is described is, quite simply, weird. And weird can be good – or it can be bad, so we wanted to know the low down on this game.

So, we sat down and spent two hours playing it. We bet one credit per spin and sat down and see how it played out.

When it opens, you are given a poem about madness, and then brought to the screen where there are five reels and five rows. The icons are jewels, daggers, rings, and Cthulhu himself.

Your goal is to score a cluster of at least three identical icons. Then those icons disappear and the icons above fall into place.

Meanwhile, you have several wild cards. And for each spin, a different place is selected as an “eye.” If you land a win on an eye, the game will throw out extra wilds.

The key is to cascade down as many wins on a single spin as you can get. But this is hard to do, and in general, you win nothing. Most of the time, when you do win, you earn only a small amount.

However, there is a meter on the left-hand side of the game. And with each win on a single spin, it builds up. If you don't fill it on a single spin, it goes back to empty. But if you do fill it up, it starts a round of free spins.

During these free spins, weird stuff happens! Extra wilds are thrown out. Entire icons are removed. Entire reels are removed. And as all this is going on, you keep winning. In fact, by the time it was over we'd won 143.50 by just letting it happen. That's a very good win on a one-credit bet.

And that's where the game gets super fun. Chasing those wins to convert into even bigger wins is a blast. And the mechanics are certainly unique. Play 'N Go have really created something special here.

That said, we can't stress enough – this is a very, very high variance game. You'll go a while winning nothing or next to nothing. Then suddenly, you'll score a really big win. There is exactly zero middle ground between being a winner and losing a lot of your money. You spin the reels and you take your chances.

Of course, that's the appeal of this game. High variance games attract people who really like action – and this game is full of it. When you get that big win you'll be very, very pleased.

That's why we are giving it the very rare rating of five out of five stars. There is nothing we would change about this game for any reason. It's challenging but beatable. You just have to have the bank balance to wait it out.

All in all, we find this to be an incredible game that we were very happy to spend two hours playing. It's got the right stuff.

So open the Tome of Madness if you dare. That said, not everyone has the fortitude to chase high variance games. For them, we strongly suggest trying a lower variance game.