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You're going to be rumbling with the big guys as you enter the ring and wait for the announcer to say you've won!

Each and every week we here at Stakers review a game from our collection because we want you to be informed about the games you play at our online casino. This week we decided to try out It's Time by Relax Gaming. It has interesting looking animation and we wanted to discover what it's all about. And now we'll share our experience with you!

The gameplay area is laid out in a six by four grid. The background is a wrestling cage. And while you have the standard playing card icons, for the bigger money you are going to want to keep an eye out for several wrestlers and an announcer as icons.

As usual, your goal is to score three of the same icon in a row. There is no wild card, and there is no scatter. Instead, you have two main features.

The first one randomly puts a hot spot in the center of the reels. Get four of the same icon within the hot spot, and they will all stay there for one extra free spin. This gives you a decent chance of spinning a win.

The second feature is one in which you can try to get reel one and reel five filled up all with the same icon. When you do this, you are taken to a different screen. Here, the announcer fills up the first and fifth reels.

Then you are awarded three “rounds” of spins. If during those spins you get an announcer, it resets back to three free rounds. If you don't, it spins again. This allows you to fairly easily fill up the interior of the grid with announcer icons. The more you land, the bigger the win you will receive. We filled up all but one of the spots with announcers and won 217 credits. Not bad!

Unfortunately, this feature very rarely kicks in. We got it one time during our two hours of play. It would have been really nice if it had come up on the reels a bit more often.

Because of that, we have to rate this a very high variance game. We were down 125 credits when the feature popped up. That's a pretty heavy investment for many people to make.

However, we know there are people who like high variance games and they will certainly find this to be one of them. For those players it's a great game.

Overall, we liked the game. But it did feel like we were never going to win. The wins outside of the bonus feature are few and far between. So, go in with a big bank roll and be warned.

We give this game three out of five stars. It's not the best game we've played but it's far from the worst. It just takes a bit of money and patience. Some people are going to be willing to put in the time chasing that big win. Others won't be as up for it. We did like it, but we just wish the wins have been more forthcoming.

When Conan battles the mighty serpent, you get big time multipliers. Prepare your sword!

Welcome back to Stakers – and our slot machine review of the week! We know that everyone likes different types of games. So, each and every week we review a game and let you know what it's like so you can decide if you want to play it.

We play the game for two hours. We bet one credit per spin. And then we tell you what we thought of it and what playing it is like.

This week we choose Conan. We picked it because it's produced by NetEnt, which is one of the best providers out there. Also, it looked like it might be a new addition to the Stakers Casino collection.

So, let's take a look at what we found out. First, the grid is in a six by four configuration. So that gives you one more reel and one more row than the typical five by three games we see most often.

Then you have the icons which are a mixture of coins, various weapons, and characters from the classic books, including Conan himself and Red Sonja. As is generally the case with these games, your goal is to land three matching characters in a row.

There is also the snake symbol, which you want to watch out for. When it pops up, it will open up and reveal a hidden icon. Usually, you get multiple snake icons at once – and they will all open to reveal the same icon, which more or less guarantees you a win.

When you land an entire reel of snake icons on reel three, the mighty Conan will come out in front of the reels. So will a giant snake. They will then fight and with each blow Conan lands, your multiplier will increase. The maximum it can increase is eight times your normal winnings. The lowest we received from this fight was three times our normal winnings.

Then there is the scatter. You will need to score three scatter icons to trigger free spins. We should note this happens very rarely in our experience. We got it only once in our two hours of play. When free spins start, you get to choose between stacked wilds, mystery symbols, or battle wilds – which turn the icons next to them into wild cards.

We picked stacked wilds, which ended up working out pretty well for us. We won a total of 125 credits during our 10 free spins. This was good because we were down quite a bit when it got to that point.

This gameplay experience brings us to our feeling that this is a very high variance game. You have to be willing to invest a lot in order to get a win. When you do get that win, though, you'll feel great. But you have to be willing and/or able to wait for it.

That's fine. Some people like high variance games. On the other hand, if you are looking for a low variance game, you'll probably want to try something different.

So for this review, we give the Conan slot game four out of five stars. We didn't think the animation itself was good enough to warrant a full five stars. That said, the gameplay is well thought out – and we liked it when Conan would come out and fight the snake.

Conan is a solid high variance game that should work well for people who like to chase big wins.

If you have the patience then this game will deliver one of the most spectacular free spins experiences we have ever seen.

Welcome to our Slot Review of the Week here at Stakers. We do this because not only do we love slots, but we love helping our fantastic players. 
So we review the games to let you have a decent idea of what you are getting into when you try out a new game. This week we decided to look at Dragon's Fire Megaways, mostly because it's new and looks unusual. As we do every week, we played it for two hours at one credit per spin.

When you log into Dragon's Fire Megaways you'll find it laid out in a six by six formation. But that's somewhat misleading because each of the icons can be any size, from one row up to all six. So on some spins, you are really spinning with a three by three grid. Most of the time it's somewhat in the middle.

You have dragon's eggs and actual dragons as your icons. As you would expect, you have to get three in a row. But on each spin there are a different number of pay lines. In fact, on some spins there are thousands.

Meanwhile, a meter on the right hand side of the screen increases the multiplier with wins. In general playing mode, this rarely goes up about two times.

There are also free spin icons, although in our experience they are very rare. But if you manage to get at least three of them on the board you'll be given three dragon's eggs to choose from. These will give you up to 20 free spins.

Once the free spins start, many more free spins icons are added to the screen. Each time you receive at least three, you'll get to choose another dragon's egg for more free spins. In addition, the multiplier on the side of the screen doesn't reset after a loss. So you can easily win up to eight times your normal winnings.

This presents the possibility of some pretty big wins. The problem is that free spins mode is very, very uncommon. It happened to us one time during the two hours we played the game. At the time we were roughly 200 credits in the hole. Our win on the free spins did put us back into positive territory.

For that reason, we have to rate Dragon's Fire Megaways a very high variance game. You have to have the money to invest until to get those big wins with the free spins.

This will be great news for people who like chasing the big wins because when you get it your heart will be racing. It will be less than good news for those players who prefer lower variance games and/or don't have the money to go chasing big wins. For those players, we strongly suggest trying out a different game.

We give it 4.5 out of five stars. We took off half a star because it's so unlikely you'll get free spins. Overall his is a good but challenging game. Only those with nerves of steel should give it a go.