Wild Chase at Stakers Online Casino

The Wild Chase, an online video slot game from Quickspin, is a sleek, glossy experience that can give players big wins along with exciting play. Let's take a look at what we're dealing with here.

Set against a backdrop of what looks like the French Riviera, The Wild Chase features symbols of the trappings of a rich life lived in the fast lane.

Players will see a high end men's watch, the keys to a sports car, a pouch of diamonds, a diamond ring, a money clip with cash, and several too-sexy-for-their-shirts characters. There is also a BONUS symbol featuring a bank vault, and a WILD symbol over a gleaming X. When you hit the bonus, a large bank vault appears and opens to reveal a lot of big, shiny gold bricks, with the characters in silhouette, who have their bags ready to be filled.

As matching symbols appear with each spin, they're kept in place and you'll spin again for a better chance of a bigger win. Once the round is finished, you'll see the payout in big gold numbers as the winning combination is highlighted. There are re-spin, free spin, and multiplier triggers as well.

The dashboard and controls are clearly labeled, so you can keep track of your progress and winnings easily. A handy pop-up menu appears when you are choosing your total bet. Multipliers and bonuses are labeled up top.

The music is bound to get your heart racing, with its revving sounds as the action heats up, and the win sounds match the main music flawlessly. So get that Armani suit pressed, practice your best Blue Steel supermodel glance, and take part in The Wild Chase. It's quite a ride from start to finish.

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