Triangulation is a truly unique title in our collection, and we highly recommend you try it out! Microgaming is really branching out with this game, which we could really only call a slot in the loosest sense. It's a space-age journey into swapping and matching that can yield huge wins.

The game has no reels or rows. Instead, it is a triangle with 16 triangles inside of it. It's technically a seven-by four “grid” but that's a stretch. There are no pay lines, per se, either. Like we said, it's truly unique! The large triangle grid is rendered in sleek 3D against a space-age background, making it the perfect game to play on any device. As always with our games, Triangulation is optimized to be played on computers, tablets, smart phones, and other internet-enabled devices.

The triangles come in different colors, including grey, purple, blue, pink, green, yellow and orange. The payouts for these regular gameplay colors range from .1 to 5x. So, how do you score those payouts? Read on.

Whenever you match four adjacent triangles, you win; then, they will disappear and be replaced by new triangles, giving you another chance to win on the same “spin.”

The red triangle is wild, and can substitute for any other triangle you need to make a win. A 10x wild pay out is awarded for wins made up entirely of red wilds. There is also a swap out bonus, when is when three or more bonus symbols remain on the larger triangle grid after all the wins are awarded.

It's a game that has to be played to be experienced, so try it out today – in demo mode, or for money.

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