Progressive Diamond Jackpot at Stakers Online Casino

You can't go wrong with a classic. The Progressive Diamond Jackpot online slot game, from the developers at Betsoft, is reminiscent of the big old chrome slot machines back in the day – when the internet was a gleam in an engineer's eye, and Vegas was the only place to place your bets.

You'll be riding that retro wave with Progressive Diamond Jackpot, where you'll find old-school sevens, bold black bars, bright red cherries, and of course, those shiny diamonds tempting you to win that big progressive jackpot.

There's a chart of the payouts up top, big rectangular buttons for the spins, and even a funky old coin slot – remember those? We really like that the usual player's dashboard is incorporated into the slot machine design. It's simply the coolest thing we've seen in a while, especially with the ever-growing competition among developers and designers to make betting interfaces filled with all the whistles, horns and bells they can jam in there.

And in keeping it old school, there are no bonus rounds or free spins in Progressive Diamond Jackpot - you pay, you play, and you win or bust. You won't find any distracting cut scenes or goofy characters. This is how grandma used to play, and it's oddly fun in its own way.

Betting ranges from €.02 EUR to €1 EUR, and the betting maxes out at €5 EUR. A single win maxes out at €1,000 EUR, while no one can say how big the progressive jackpot will go before there's a big winner. Even if you love the big, sleek, sexy games, give this a try – you'll find yourself loving it.

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