A Dragon's Story is a fun slot machine that tells the story of Ruff The Dragon and his attempts to avoid the knight sent to kill him and guard his gold. It's a fun next-generation slot that will have you trying again and again to save Ruff and win a fortune.

Full of fun bonuses and a final bet, A Dragon's Story is one of the most amusing slots out there, and you know you'll want to play.

There are five reels. Numbers and letters are scattered on the reels. Try to get at least three of any number or letter in a row. Up to five in a row delivers even more wins. Just on this basic level of the game, it is possible to win up to 200 times the original bet.

Burnt armor is also hanging around. Collect it to win up to 250 times your bet. Find Sir William to claim 500 times your bet. Finding treasure can garner 1,000 times your bet.

Then the bonus games come in. Three scattered jewels will trigger free spins. During those spins, the winnings are doubled! Get more scattered jewels and it is possible to win up to 2,500 times your bet. Wild Dragons usually act like wild cards, but reveal enough of them and win 2,000 times your bet.

Players can also spend money to enhance the reels – increasing the odds of winning. 50 credits for all five wheels, 35 credits for wheels 2 through 4, and 25 credits for wheel 3.

Then, randomly, Sir William may try to attack Ruff. When he does, if you can send a fireball at him, he'll drop treasure that you can scoop up. Finally, at the end of any win, you can try to double it on the flip of a card.

This a wild ride with Ruff The Dragon. You know you want to come along.

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