Texas Hold 'Em Pro Standard Limit AT STAKERS ONLINE CASINO

Texas Hold 'Em Pro Standard Limit is a purist's way to play this classic card game. There are no wild cards or special rules. You simply have a chance to play standard Hold 'Em, and match your strategy and your wits against the dealer.

You can play up to three hands at once if you want to increase the action – or just focus on your main hand if that works better for you.

At the start, you'll put in your ante bet and you are dealt two cards up. The dealer's cards will be down. You can then decide to fold or call – for two times your original bet. You then are dealt one card. This process is repeated until the fifth “river” card is dealt. At that point, you will compare cards with the dealer.

This gives you lots of chances to fold – and just as many options to stay in. It is a test of will against the dealer – and requires a lot more smarts than playing a simple video poker game.

Playing low stakes will allow you to practice. Then once you are feeling confident, you can up it to the standard stakes and push your luck against the dealer.

Texas Hold 'Em Pro Standard Limit is one of the most strategy-heavy casino games available online. If you have super poker smarts, you can play it to win. The challenge is knowing when to stay in and when to fold out.

If you are simply curious, though, you can try the free-to-play demo version until you are comfortable wagering real cash. This is a great way to get in on the action, play real poker and see where the cards end up lying.

You can't go wrong with this standard version of Texas Hold 'Em. Just let the cards come out and play wherever you want to. You can be a winner.

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