Texas Hold'em Bonus at Stakers Online Casino

Being one of the most popular online poker games, Texas Hold’em is now back thanks to the developers at Felt Gaming who turned your favorite poker game into something quite out the ordinary.  Not to mention it also features stunning progressive jackpot.

Texas Hold’em Bonus includes a variety of different options such as Raise – to increase the amount of your bet, Check – to continue the game, and Fold – to receive a hand up.

To start the game, you should set your ante bet. After it’s done, other circles on the table will be marked letting you place the Bonus and Jackpot bets. Then, the cards will be dealt and you’ll get two hole cards. In addition, another 5 community cards will get dealt and displaced faced down in the center of the table.

To win over the dealer, you have to make the most favorable combination of your 2 hole cards and some community ones. Another option here is the flop that opens three of the community cards and requires the x2 your ante bet.  The next step called the turn card and which turns up the fourth card. Thus, placing one more ante bet, you will come to the last River stage where the fifth card gets revealed.

With its amazing design that mixes cool visuals and real casino atmosphere, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is the one to give a startling gaming experience and amazing rewards along with the inspiring progressive jackpot. To add to it, the game is available on tablet, smartphone or laptop in both multi and single-player formats allowing you to enjoy this game with other players.

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