Playing Blackjack Suit 'Em Up is a fantastic way to play traditional Blackjack – with the option for side bets that can deliver up to 50-to-1 odds. In other words, the potential win per hand is much higher than most Blackjack games.

The player's main hand plays by traditional Blackjack rules. The dealer will deal out cards from six 52-card decks. The difference is at the start of each hand, there is the opportunity to make a side bet – the Suit 'Em Up – on whether or not your first two cards will be of the same suit.

As for the rewards and winning combinations, two aces of the same suit pay out at 50:1, Suited Blackjack pays out at 10:1, Suited pair pays out at 5:1, Suited 11 pays out at 3:1, and any other two cards of the same suit pay out at 2:1.

On your main bet, you can wager as low at .10 credits and as high as 500 credits. For Suit 'Em Up the range is from .10 credits to 250 credits. You can play up to three hands at once.

From your traditional Blackjack bets, winning a hand pays 1:1 while a Blackjack pays 3:5. You can buy insurance, which will pay you back at 2:1.

There is access to the rules easily available if you ever have a question about how to play and what to bet. The game is set up so that it is easy to play on your phone or tablet and comes in Microsoft, iOS and Android operating systems.

So Suit 'Em Up, place your bets and see how you do. You can command your Blackjack table anywhere you have your devices. Play against the dealer, and see how you do. You never know – this might be your lucky day.

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