Oasis Poker Pro High Limit

Oasis Poker Pro High Limit is the Stakers game for real players. It is much more intense than Texas Hold 'Em, and offers gamblers the feel of a real poker game. You play against the dealer – who you can see in real time, because this action is coming from a live casino and streaming directly onto your device. With Oasis Poker Pro High Limit, the players each get five cards. Yours are up, and the dealer is down. Once you see your hand, you can exchange from one to five cards for a fee, or you can keep the hand you are dealt. Once that's done, the dealer shows his or her hand and you get to see what everyone has. Your payout is determined by what hand you end up holding. This makes it a fun face-off – since you never know what hand the dealer is holding. You can bet up to 500 a hand, which means your winnings can be huge. So if you are looking to play a great hand of poker, come to our table and place your bets. You never know – you just might be a winner.

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