Blackjack Lucky Lucky by Felt Gaming is an advanced online card game that offers you more ways to win and more chances to bet. Playing it does take some practice, though, so you might want to try the “free play” option first for a bit before you start betting your money.

While it plays by most standard Blackjack rules, there are some additional ones that come into play. At the start, after you get to see your two cards and the dealer's card, you can place a side bet. The payout result of the side bet will be displayed on the screen, so you can decide if it is worth it or not.

The other new rule is that if you get a 7-7-7 to reach 21, you will be paid out at 200-1. If you get to 21 with a 6-7-8, you will be paid out at 100-1.

Regular bets can be as low at £.50 EUR to as much as £500 EUR to £250 EUR.

You also have the options to split – if you have two identical cards – or double on your first bet.

Payout to player on the regular game is 99.63% on regular bets, and 96.05% on side bets. If you can win your regular bet plus your side bet, you are golden.

Six decks are used and shuffled every hand. This cuts down on card counting, but also keeps your win potential up – by not eliminating cards with a value of 10.

It's an interesting way to play Blackjack. You have to incorporate new strategies in order to win more – and the potential is there.

If you are ever confused about the new rules, you can click to a screen that explains them. It is designed to work on your desktop or mobile device – and supports Microsoft, iOS and Android enabled devices.

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