Double Exposure Blackjack is a cool variant of the typical casino table game that you can play anywhere you can find an Internet connection. Designed mostly for beginner Blackjack players, it has a cool change to the rules from traditional Blackjack.

Both of the dealer cards are turned up – hence the name “Double Exposure.” This allows you to make the choice of whether to stay or hit, based on knowing exactly what the dealer has. Obviously, your chances of winning go up. That makes it a great way to learn the rules of Blackjack.

The downside is in the payout. Because you can see the dealer's cards, it's only a 1:1 win on a Blackjack instead of the regular 3:2. In addition, when there is a tie with the dealer, the dealer wins.

These two rule changes drop the return to player rate to 99.33%. But this is still a great winning percentage. And if you want to really understand Blackjack, this is a great way to get started.

The gameplay goal is to get the closest to getting 21 without going over. So take a look at the dealer's hand, and at your hand, and decide whether to get an extra card or stick with what you have already.

By doing so, you'll learn the patterns of Blackjack and discover when to stand and when to hit. The pressure is much lower than in the normal game. Then once you have your sea legs, you can either continue to play Double Exposure or go on to a Blackjack game where you can't see one of the dealer's cards.

Either way, this is a fun variant that is really easy for people new to the game. Why not give it a try?

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