Casino Hold 'Em is a dynamic version of Texas Hold 'Em, with an extra way to win with a side bet. It's great for beginners with a low betting threshold, but has high enough limits for more experienced players to have fun, too.

The player just plays against the dealer – not other players. So there is no need to worry about anyone else's cards. Simply place an ante, and then you and the dealer get two cards each – your cards up, and the dealer's down. You can then place a bet or fold.

Once the bet is placed, the river starts being built, and then you bet when each card comes up. Eventually, there are three cards in the middle of the table. Then you see who has a better hand, you or the dealer. If you both have the same hand, it's a push and the bet money comes back to your.

What makes this exciting is the AA-Bonus bet punters can place with the ante. This is a bet that you'll get a great hand with your cards and the three community cards. From a pair of aces up to a straight, it's a 7:1 payout. But with a flush, the odds are 25:1. That makes a normal win turn into a wagering bonanza.

The lowest bet is €1 EUR and the highest is €100 EUR. With that much width between possible bets, anyone can have a good time at nearly any budget.

Playing is a mixture of luck and skill. Knowing the percentages of certain hands coming up given the hole cards puts the punter at a huge advantage. But you can also play without the averages. Because luck can strike at any time.

If you are looking for a fun way to play poker, Casino Hold 'Em is it. Sit back and let the cards flow down the river.

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