Caribbean Stud at Stakers Online Casino

Designed by Felt Gaming, Caribbean Stud is a popular version of the well-known poker game that is played under classic rules with 52 card deck and no jokers used.

The most exciting thing about Caribbean Stud is that it features a huge progressive jackpot that definitely distinguishes this game from the others. All you need to do is just to determine the ante and decide, whether you take part in the jackpot or not. Unlike the jackpot bet, the ante one is compulsory.

A progressive bet costs £1 EUR. The maximum poker bet comprises £500 EUR. The chip prize ranges from £0.10 EUR to £1000 EUR. After placing your bet, press Enter button in order to confirm it, thus the cards are dealt. Therefore, having received 5 faced up cards, a player could observe the 1 faced up card of the dealer while the rest 4 will be facedown.

What is more, you also have two options: Raise or Fold. In case if you pick the Fold option, you will lose the ante bet as well as the progressive one. The Raise option will double your bet. If you lose you will be deducted both your ante bet and the progressive one. In order to qualify, the dealer has to hold an Ace and a Kings as well as any high-ranking poker hand. If a player doesn’t win over the dealer, the ante bet and the raise wager will get lost. The raise bets get pushed or replaced back on the table when the dealer’s hand does not qualify thus, the ante bets get paid to a player.

All in all, Caribbean Stud is a top-quality poker game where the players can receive the incredible cash winnings and hit an impressive jackpot. The design of the game is just awesome along with the user-friendly functionality and settings. Besides, this version is considered more lucrative as it features higher payouts as compared to other of Caribbean stud poker games.

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