Buster Blackjack is two games in one. First, it is a standard Blackjack experience. But then there is Buster, where you can make a side bet on whether or not the dealer will go bust. This can give you a chance to win big bucks.

After you place your initial Blackjack bet, you get to make the Buster side bet. The numerous payouts give you a lot of chances to score much bigger than in your usual Blackjack round.

But if the dealer goes bust with eight or more cards while you have Blackjack, your side bet pays out at 2,000 to 1. If he or she busts with seven cards and you have Blackjack, it pays off at 800 to 1. Eight or more cards – without you having Blackjack – pays 250 to 1. Seven cards without Blackjack pays 50 to 1. Six cards pays 18 to 1. Five cards pays 4 to 1. Three or four cards pays 2 to 1.

This gives you tons of options to win – and you should take advantage of all of them.

If this seems confusing at first, you can practice in the free demo mode. Then, only play for real money once you are very comfortable with how the different strategies pay out.

On the regular gameplay side, beating the dealer pays 1:1 while a Blackjack pays 3:2. Insurance pays out at 2:1. There are still the standard rules; the dealer must hit on 16 and stand on a 17.

Buster Blackjack is built in HTML5 – meaning that it should work on any portable device. So take it with you on the go, and whenever you have a few spare minutes you can play a few hands.

This is your chance to up your odds and payouts while having a fun Blackjack experience. So, get ready for the dealer to go bust and for you to win the big bucks.

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