If you're looking for a way to learn how to play with multiple decks, then Beat Me, from Play'n Go, is the perfect game for you. It's deceptively simple, there are no distractions, and it is played with six decks (and no Jokers).

Beat me is a basic high-low card game played with one hand, and it pits the player directly against the dealer. The dealer gives the player a card, face up, and then deals one for themselves, also face up.

There are three possible outcomes. The first one occurs when the dealer has the higher card, and the player loses. The second one is when the player has the higher card, and wins 1:1 the initial bet. Thirdly, if there is a tie the player loses.

There is also a side bet for a tie that the player can choose. When you place a bet on Tie, and the hand results in a tie, the player wins a generous 10:1 payout. But it is a tough bet to place, because it's a tough win to get.

The screen is designed to resemble a green felt casino table, and they've done a great job. There's the cash slot, the dealer's chip tray, the deck shoe, the bumper to rest one's arms, and even holes to put your drinks.

Settings for Beat Me include sound, the dealer's voice, the speed of card animation, clearing the table on losing or winning rounds, and the option to start the game automatically after choosing Rebet.

The dashboard along the bottom of the screen has unit amounts in different colored chips, basic settings buttons, the player's balance, what the current bet is and how much was won in the current round, and a question mark icon for help. But you're probably going to need much help, because it's a user-friendly game with only the most basic of rules. At the very least, you can play for free before wagering to get the hang of it.

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