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Stakersland is now open and day and night and all stakers are welcome to the theme park where casino gaming entertainment is held as the star attraction. A gentle walk around the park will open your eyes to many wonderful sights and gaming experiences from historical casino venues to some of the best up-and-coming casinos that have only recently received their residency. In short, we make sure that all your hopes and expectations are met as we provide you with top tips and expert advice to help you make the right decisions every time.

Video Slots is one area in which Stakersland has perfected its services and you will see literally thousands of slot games being displayed in casino lobbies all around the park. All types of video slots are now available from the classic layouts to the modern multi-bonus video slots with HD graphics and immersive animation sequences. We have worked hard to provide you with a list of some of the top gaming providers and video slots categories for you to scroll through, and as you can see there is something for everyone here at Stakersland.

Classic Style Video Slots
classic video slots fruit symbols

The classic video slots group still holds a place in the hearts of many stakers and the simplicity and traditional themes are two of the main reasons behind this long-lasting devotion to the classic game. The minimalistic design that often only comes with three reels and a handful of paylines means that you can quickly memorise the rules and gameplay. These types of games bring back fond memories of the old mechanical slot machines in the brick-and-mortar casinos, and we like to use that description for any of the classic video slots that we come across in the land of stakers. Therefore, any of the slot game designs that resemble those old and timeless mechanical slot machines are classed as classic video slots to us, and a lot of these are still being played in many casinos across Stakersland.

The popularity of the classic video slots has even inspired software providers to design and release modern versions of these classic themes over recent years. You still get all the traditional fruit symbols and simple three-reel layouts, but you may also find an extra bonus game or two thrown in as well. Although many of the traditionalists out there will only consider a slot to be a “classic” if it does not come

classic video slots number symbolsclassic video slots cherry symbols

with bonuses and any of the extras. The fact of the matter is that these classic video slots are still largely enjoyed by stakers all across the park, and this is not something that is going to change any time soon. Below you can find all the popular classic video slots being played at the moment with a closer look into the top classic slot provider of the moment, Red Tiger Gaming.

Monthly players:807 506
Ancient Civilisation Video Slots
Ancient Civilisation Video Slots - Book of Dead

The ancient civilisation theme has captivated the minds of stakers for many years and whether it is a game based on ancient Greece or Egypt or perhaps a game based on the ancient Mayans, this historical element continues to rule the slot theme categories. One of the huge benefits of a game with this type of theme is the open canvas for the story line and graphics. Recreating mythological monsters and legendary gods is something that not only stakers find entertaining, but the developers creating the game obviously have a lot of fun with as well. This type of video slots theme is far removed from the everyday lives that we live, and so this other worldly experience has managed to capture the imaginations of stakers for many years now.

Once you start to peel back the theme of ancient civilisations then you also come across countless stories of lost or stolen treasure, which sits perfectly into the bonus round games and features that are now built into our modern video slots. Heroes of those ancient times are also perfect figures to guide you through

Ancient Civilisation Video Slots - Coins Of Egypt Ruby EagleAncient Civilisation Video Slots - Coins Of Egypt Golden Cat

the storylines and so you quickly start to realise why this ancient theme has become so popular. From the Incan treasures in Peru and right across to the samurai in ancient Japan, you will find a historical video slots theme to suit your tastes. Stakersland is home to hundreds of these games and so we have listed the most popular below for you to browse through and pick out and play.

Monthly players:1 600 901
Fruit Video Slots
fruit video slots lemon

The classic image of cherries spinning on the reels has now become a famous image for both traditional slot machines and online video slots. The famous icon is backed up with lemons, oranges, and other fruits as well as the 7 and BAR symbols in what is now considered the traditional slot design. It all started with these types of games back in the brick-and-mortar casinos and they are still going strong throughout the online era, too. Why are they so popular, though? Simple gameplay is one reason and the fact that they often provide rewarding payouts is another common reason why so many stakers still keep these types of games in their playing list. Fruit video slots come with a certain level of charm that does not require the fancy HD graphics and animation sequences, and this shows that sometimes simplicity is all you need for an entertaining video slots experience.

Software providers are still creating new versions of these classic themes and it proves the fact that stakers are still demanding these bright and colourful games. You can even find titles with modern features and multiple reels and paylines, as opposed to the traditional three-reel designs with only a handful of winning lines. Whichever style you prefer, whether it is the traditional fruit slots or the modern feature-packed fruit video slots, you will always find a huge range of titles to play on across the Stakersland environment. The retro fruit

fruit video slots cherryfruit video slots watermelon

design will always have a place in the park and the classic fruit video slots are a welcome sight for many of those stakers who just want a simple yet potentially rewarding gaming session.

Monthly players:689 504
Gems Video Slots
gems video slots

Gems and video slots seem to be a perfect match and so it comes as no surprise to see that some of the most iconic and famous video slots in Stakersland are gem-based. Take Starburst for example with its simple gameplay and multicoloured gems spinning on the reels. It has captured the hearts of millions of stakers ever since it was released back in 2012, and many other games have been inspired by it over the following years. What is it about the gem design that attracts stakers by their millions? A lot has to do with the simple and easy gameplay.

gem-based video slot gamesgem

We should also mention the inspiration found from the worldwide mobile smash hit of Candy Crush which was and still is being played by millions across the globe. Software developers quickly saw a connection between these mobile games and the online casino environment. Games with these cluster symbol designs now act as a steppingstone into Stakersland by providing a level of familiarity, and this is why they have become so popular amongst casual stakers. You will find that most software providers have already created and launched their own gem-based video slots. NetEnt is the one studio that has managed to steal the show when it comes to the most enjoyable experiences, so read on to find some of their famous titles as well as other popular games from this fun-filled category of video slots.

Monthly players:733 435
Magic Video Slots

Magic has always been a captivating theme for video slots and many of the top software providers have been making the most of this with all sorts of mysterious and enchanting game ideas. When most stakers think of magic, the first thing that pops up would be the traditional magician pulling a rabbit out of the hat, but video slots allow for a much wider range of magic to be used. Magical creatures, wizards, sorcerers, and illusionists are all given the slot game environment to cast their spells and play their magic tricks on the reels. The main attraction from these magic video slots is that you can let your imagination run wild as you get swept away into a world where everything is not quite as it seems.

Magic Video Slots - Wizard of GemsMagic Video Slots - Witchcraft Academy

You will find that most gaming studios will have tried their hand at the magical theme at some point. As we stated earlier, there are many different ideas in which a magic theme idea can be based on from traditional magic to alchemy and supernatural creatures. One thing that you can be sure of though is that there will be bonus features included such as free spins, wilds, scatters, and stacked symbols. All of these features are interconnected via the magical slot theme, and this will help to make the experience all the more entertaining as you immerse yourself into the magical atmosphere of the game. Magic video slots are some of the most enjoyable in the casino lobby and no matter what type of magical theme you go for, you can always expect the unexpected.

Monthly players:416 830
Mythical and Legend Video Slots

The mythical and legend video slots are closely linked to the ancient civilisation and magical theme slots. You may find some crossover between the three themes, but the growing number of games in this specific theme now proves that they are worthy to be in a category of their own. Some of the titles in our list are actually some of the most popular in the park with Immortal Romance continuously finding itself in the top played lists year in, year out. Recent pop culture has also helped this type of video slots theme to rise in status and the software providers out there are always quick to notice any trends that the staker communities are moving towards.

Much like the other categories listed here, the mythical and legend theme has a lot of scope for the developers to work with. Vampires, Greek and Nordic mythology, and ancient Egyptian gods are the standout game themes and this clearly shows the entertaining mix of ideas that are being used.

Mythical and Legend Video Slots - Rise of Olympus ZeusMythical and Legend Video Slots - Rise of Olympus Hades

One thing that you can expect from these types of games is incredibly entertaining gameplay that takes full advantage of all the powers and abilities of these gods and mythical creatures in mention. The theme lends itself well to animation and HD graphics, and so it goes without saying that the imaginations of developers can be tested to the maximum during the creation of these video slots. The end result is often a completely immersive slot game that not only takes stakers to a completely different world, but a world that also comes packed full of bonus features and prizes.

Monthly players:492 207
Adventure Video Slots

If you are looking for some time out of your busy daily lives then you can’t beat a good adventure video slot game. Playing online slots can give some stakers a place to go to unwind and relax and adventure video slots are often the go-to theme for many of you. The adventure concept is broad and just one glance across our list of top adventure titles helps to prove that point perfectly. Modern adventures, historical escapades, and light-hearted cartoon voyages are just some of the options you have. All of which will be packed full of bonus features and ways to boost your winnings. Adventure video slots and action-packed bonus games seem to go hand in hand, and so there is always a bundle of cash prizes to be won via free spins, enhanced multipliers, jackpots, and many more of the modern-day slot features.

Whether your adventure takes you to far away places like the ancient world of the samurai, old Egyptian tombs, the old western wilderness, or deep inside the jungle, you will always feel part of the journey thanks to how the game connects the overall graphics and bonus games to the theme. From the slot reel area designed into the backdrop of the game to the bonus features taking you off to another scene of the story, your adventure is always taking a different turn with every spin of the reels. The adventure video slots theme is one of the biggest categories in the casino lobby and so you will never be far from one, no matter what type of adventure seeker you consider yourself to be.

Monthly players: 1 233 382
Slots: 345
Fairy Tales Video Slots

The fairy tale video slots theme is one of those where you instantly recognise the game from the familiar characters and storylines. The games pop out at you from the casino lobby as the images from your youth or earlier years come flooding back. These fantasy styled games help to bring a sense of fun to the casino and with games like Jack and the Beanstalk and Big Bad Wolf, you can instantly see the light-hearted fun that is provided from these video slots. The theme still needs a good mix of bonus features and prizes in order to get our full recommendation though, and this is exactly what we have got listed for you below.

Fairy Tales Video Slots - Rabbit Hole Riches

One thing that you will often notice with these fairy tale video slots is that they all bring about a world of vivid colour to your screen. You rarely find a dark and mysterious fairy tale and so these colourful games help to lift the mood during your gaming sessions along with all the nostalgia that they provide as well. A visual benchmark has already been set for the game developers from previous movies and media platforms, and so this gives the slots team a solid foundation to build from. It is one of the reasons why these fairy tale games always seem to look so great and do so well in Stakersland. Not to mention the fact that they all come with multiple bonus features that help to boost the potential of big prize payouts, something that always tempts stakers no matter what the video slots theme might be.

Monthly players:217 760
Fiction and Fantasy Video Slots

The fiction and fantasy video slots theme never fails to impress and it still continues to attract stakers from all corners of Stakersland. The sky is the limit when it comes to fiction and fantasy slot games and this means that slot game developers can think outside the box when creating these titles. The likes of Wild Robo Factory and Reactoonz prove this point and even bigger brands such as Jurassic World and Resident Evil 6 also shows exactly what this theme can offer. Robots, space creatures, dinosaurs, and zombies are just some of the characters that you will meet when playing these types of video slots, and these characters will also be the key to opening up the various bonus features that hold the top prizes.

Fiction and Fantasy Video Slots - ReactoonzFiction and Fantasy Video Slots - Reactoonz Gargantoon

Fiction has always been a fascinating topic and the limitless landscape is what makes this category of games so exciting. Many of the older fiction and fantasy video slots are still being played by hundreds of thousands of stakers a month, and the new releases come with huge announcements that are greeted with anticipation by the fans of these types of games. This theme is something that you can find within nearly all the casinos in the park and the number of games in the category is sure to increase over the coming years as well. Many of the top software providers continue to release fictional games and it is the studios like Yggdrasil who tend to gain the biggest attention, thanks to their clever attention to detail and expertly high levels of creativity.

Monthly players:283 816
Detective Video Slots

Detective video slots will always stand the test of time as they bring together mystery, crimes, and plenty of clues that you hope will eventually lead to big cash prizes. If you like a suspenseful detective story then you can find a lot of gaming options right here at Stakersland. You can put on your private investigator hat and try to find the clues in over 40 different detective titles currently available to play here in the park. Finding the clues that help you to unravel the story and then eventually lead you to the bonus round is an appealing and engaging style of gameplay, and so it is no wonder that there is an increasing number of detective themes being released across the land of stakers.

Detective Video Slots - Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches

Famous TV shows have also been given the detective slot game treatment and with the likes of Peaky Blinders and Narcos available to play, you can now live out the lives of famous TV characters. These detective themes bring the best out of the modern video slots as the stories are played out from the very first spin of the reels. The plot then carries right through to when you uncover the secrets of the bonus game and eventually find out the truth, as well as reaping the cash prizes of your detective work. The ability to weave the narrative and bonus features all together helps to keep the plot moving with every spin and through every choice that is given to you. We have listed some of the top detective games currently available to you right now and we also show you who the most productive detective theme slot game provider is as well.

Monthly players:130 022
Do You Know What is

Random Number Generator

The RNG (random number generator) is based on a specially designed computer program that produces results at random, and it this generator that is built into every online slot game to give it its unpredictability. However, to put things straight once and for all, these RNGs are not purely random and this is because of the way it is designed via what is known as ‘seed numbers’ and a set algorithm. These algorithms are based on mathematical calculations, such as 2+2=4, and 2+2 will always equal the same number and this is why RNGs cannot be considered completely random, and this also opens up the troubling fact that humans can exploit it. You should not need to worry too much though because all licensed casinos are tested for this type of issue. If any human or casino was found to be interfering with the algorithms then the gaming license would be stripped away instantly. It further proves the point that you should only stick to the licensed casinos who openly allow their casino and video slots to be regularly tested to guarantee 100% fairness.

Coin Value vs Bet Level

Coin value and bet level is still a confusing issue for beginners and it is no surprise, either. However, the answer is simple once you understand what each one stands for and we will explain both right now for you. In summary, the coin value is connected directly to the coins that you want to play the slot with. The bet level, on the other hand, is based on a multiplier that quickly increases or decreases your total stake amount along with directly influencing the resulting payouts. Typical coin value options include $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, and $0.05 and so on up to $0.50 and sometimes more. These values relate directly to how much money you are playing on each payline. For example, a $0.02 coin value across 10 paylines would result in a stake of $0.20 in total. The bet level is then used to make a quick adjustment to that total, for example, selecting a bet level value of five with the aforementioned $0.20 stake total would result in a $1 stake total overall (5 x $0.20). The bet level option multiplies the coin value and ultimately, it gives you more freedom by fine tuning the stake total to suit your budget.

Wild Symbols, Expanding Symbols, Scatter Symbols

Wild symbols can be found in most video slots and depending on the rules, they can hold the key to a varying number of bonus prizes. In simple terms, a wild symbol is able to substitute for any other symbol in a winning combination. For example, if you landed two cherries, a lemon, and two more cherries across an active payline, then this would usually result in no prize being given. However, if you landed a wild instead of the lemon then this would be calculated as the fifth cherry in order to complete the five-symbol combination. Take note that wilds cannot substitute for scatters and any other bonus symbols used to trigger bonus games like free spins. Wilds can come in the form of sticky, random, expanding, and moving symbols and each one has a special power to help you win more on the reels, which is all explained in the game rules. Scatter symbols are slightly different as these give you access to the bonus games as well as being able to multiply your win amount for extra prizes, but these scatter rules differ from game to game so always check the paytable first. Also, scatters can land anywhere on the reels without any pattern required. Generally, three or more scatters will trigger the bonus game which is often an increasing number of free spins that is dependant on the number of scatters that you land.

Hit Frequency

The phrase ‘hit frequency’ is used a lot around Stakersland but rarely do people know what the exact meaning is. In simple terms, the hit frequency shows us how often a winning combination will turn up on the slot game in mention. The value is given as a percentage and ultimately, it reveals how many times you will hit a winning bet out of 100 bets played in total. For example, a 35% hit frequency would suggest that, on average, 35 bets out of 100 would become a winning bet via any winning symbol combination or via any bonus feature available in the game. Take note that this hit frequency does not take into account the size of the winnings to be won, but only how often you can expect to hit a winning spin. To clarify, the higher the percentage rate, the more often that you will come across winning spins. Most hit frequency rates tend to lie around the 20-35% mark but some can go lower and some can reach the 50%+ mark. Hit frequencies are not always clearly detailed, but it is an important piece of information if you want to find the right level of risk for your gaming.

RTP: Theoretical vs Actual RTP

The RTP of a slot game is something that needs inside information in order to fully understand. The RTP represents how much a game is expected to payout over time, but the key detail in the RTP is that it is based on millions and sometimes billions of spins, so that 96% RTP of a game is not actually relevant to your time spent playing it. The 96% RTP suggests that you would see a return of $96 after wagering $100 in total. But as we mentioned, this RTP is based on the lifetime of the game and across many more spins than you are capable of playing. This is why it should be called the theoretical RTP because it is impossible to predict the true outcome of only $100 worth of spins. The Actual RTP is what you experience at that moment in time when you are playing video slots and this can swing wildly in either direction. In fact, you could even experience a big winning streak and hit an Actual RTP of over 100%. You could then carry on playing and the Actual RTP drops to below the Theoretical 96% RTP. In theory, the game should eventually start to balance out and get closer to the Theoretical RTP, but this would take a lot time and spins. The point that we want to make is that you should only use the given Theoretical RTP as guidance and not as an indicator to how much you will win with every $100 you spend.

Video Slots Layout explanation at Stakers

Slots Layout

The layout of video slots usually follows a typical structure, so once you understand what all the main elements are then you will know how to play the game and you will know what to look for if the design does ever change slightly. We will now talk you through some of those important elements to make sure that you are able to pick and play any slot game in Stakersland:

  • Bet Amount – Determines how much you want to spend on each spin of the reels.
  • Spin – The button that gets the reels spinning.
  • Reels – The columns that you find in the game area with five reels being the most popular design.
  • Symbols – The collection of icons that determine your payouts and usually three or more will trigger a win (all symbol information found in the paytable).
  • Payline – The winning line that you need to land the symbols on which usually runs from left to right, although some now offer ’both way’ paylines.
  • Bet Max – Instantly play at the maximum bet per spin amount available in the game.
  • Lines – This indicates how many paylines that you have active at that moment.
  • Auto-Spin – Choose to play a predetermined number of spins without having to press spin each time.
  • Bet Per Line – Click once to add one coin to each payline and repeat if required.
  • Collect – Hit the collect button to stop your session and transfer your winnings back into your main casino account.

Multiple Payline Slots

All modern video slots now come with multiple paylines and this number is either fixed or adjustable. Fixed means that you cannot adjust the number of paylines in play and adjustable means that you can choose from one to however many paylines there are available in the game. By adjusting the paylines, you can alter the overall stake total that is being played in the game. The number one rule to remember with these paylines is that you only win prizes on the active paylines. Fixed paylines means that they are always active all of the time, but you need to keep an eye on the adjustable paylines as this may result in you missing out on prizes. Paylines have always been connected to video slots designs, but recent adaptations have seen certain features like ‘243 ways to win’. This is where the payline idea has been removed and instead the game simply credits you with prizes when symbols make a winning combination across consecutive reels.


The paytable is a crucial part to a slot game and while some stakers jump in and play the game without reading it, experienced stakers know that a quick read will help them enjoy the game much more further down the line. The modern-day video slots come with multiple features and many different rules, and the paytable is there to explain everything found within the game to avoid any confusion. The main role of the paytable is to display all the in-game symbols and their corresponding payout prizes, as well as any information on how to activate the bonus features and any jackpots that are included. The betting options are also available along with the slot’s theoretical RTP percentage. For the more detailed games out there, the paytable can also help to bring the game to life with back stories and little details about the characters, which all adds to the overall experience. You can also quickly assess the volatility and variance of the game by evaluating the minimum and maximum payout prizes. At the end of the day, the more information that you can equip yourself with, the better position you will be in to judge how a slot game will play out, and ultimately decide whether the game is appropriate to you and your budget.

Volatility (High, Medium, Low)

Volatility is a reference to the overall risk in playing a casino game. In the case of video slots, the phrase is used to express how much the game is expected to pay out and how big the payouts will be. For example, a slot game with high volatility will bring infrequent big payouts whereas the low volatility slots provide lower but more frequent payouts. Due to the less frequent payouts of the higher volatility slots, they are considered to be riskier for stakers. These games are more likely to see stakers burn through their bankrolls in the hope of landing one big win. It is the reason why highrollers and experienced casino players are more likely to find out the games with higher volatility levels, while the casual stakers with less experience and smaller budgets will happily play the lower volatility games with less risk and a more enjoyable experience. The games that provide a medium volatility are based within the “golden zone”, and this is where most stakers are happy to play due to the balanced level of risk versus reward. In summary, volatility comes down to risk and so if you want to enjoy longer gaming sessions then choose the low volatility video slots. If you want to risk your bankroll for the chance of winning a bigger prize, then head for the high volatility video slots.

Bonus Events

The bonus events in video slots is what most stakers play the game for. It is the event where the biggest prizes can often be found and it is also occasionally where you can locate the chance to win jackpot prizes. Bonus events are really important if you want to be winning the top prizes available in each slot game. The type of bonus event will depend on the game and they are all explained in the paytable and game rule pages. Typical bonus events include free spins, pick and win prizes, wheel spinning prizes, and mystery prizes. Some of these are more popular than others and they tend to be used time and time again. The free spin is the number one bonus event with millions of stakers aiming to trigger it every time they play. The fact that you can carry on winning prizes without having to make additional wagers is the main benefit. Pick and win, wheel spinning, and mystery prizes are all very similar and provide you with the results or prizes almost instantaneously, whereas the free spin events can take several minutes depending on how many spins you won in total, as well how many extra spins that you pick up along the way.


Are video slots considered to be completely random?

All video slots at licensed casinos are tested frequently to ensure that there is complete randomness with every spin of the reels. The random factor is important for casinos just as it is for stakers and this is down to the fact that casinos make the most money from truly random video slots, and by this we mean games that cannot be influenced by any type of skill from the player. In summary, video slots have been designed to pay out less money than they take in via wagers, therefore, these types of games do not have to be rigged for the casino to make any money.

Which video slot genre should I choose? Is there any difference between them?

The simple answer is no, video slots are not different when it comes to the mechanics. The theme may be different, but this is purely down to the aesthetics of the game and nothing else. Every slot game is designed on the same fundamental code. With this in mind, you should be thinking of choosing video slots via our Hot/Cold concept which shows you which of the Hot games are currently paying out more than their displayed RTP, and therefore, are more likely to pay out than the colder video slots whose RTPs are currently lower than displayed.

Which video slot provider to play with?

The number of video slots providers is on the rise as more breakaway studios are setting up to try and claim a piece of the online action. However, our recommendation is to always stick with the leading providers and there are several reasons for this. The main ones are that you have a wider choice of games to choose from, the provider already comes with a reliable track record of releasing quality and fair games, and the best developers and gaming minds work at the top studios so you can expect the best gaming experiences.

Does the high popularity of a video slot mean that it is easier to win?

This is true to some extent because while there are many factors in play when it comes to winning on a video slot, such as the individual RTP percentage and the volatility level, most popular video slots are usually much easier to play and understand. Straightforward game rules and a simple interface that clearly defines the betting options will always makes your life a lot easier when playing, but it does not suggest that the prizes are easier to win or that you will win more in the long run.

Is There Any Strategy to Playing Video Slots?

Strategy can be used in just about everything if you consider all the factors involved, and this goes for video slots as well. The fact here is that you cannot use any strategy to beat video slots or to outsmart them and alter the RTP for you personally. However, many of the experienced stakers understand the strategy surrounding bankroll management and staying true to what they can afford to lose. The classic rule of staying calm and not burning through your bankroll by chasing a win should be part of any video slot strategy as well.

How can I improve my chances of winning more on video slots?

The one rule that many stakers use and one that we also suggest for you to follow is to that have been designed with high volatility and a return to player percentage of 96% or higher. The main idea behind this is that you will hopefully get more spins for the same cost due to the advantages of playing on a video slot with both the high volatility and RTP levels. This will not guarantee more wins, but it should at least produce more spins and that means more opportunities to win.

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